Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


Don’t let anyone tell you “Who the heck is going to read your book?”

And don’t you ever wonder “Who on earth will read what I write?”

If you’ve been waiting for a sign from above, then this is it.

Now go create something great!

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P.S: The first line is a famous quote by William W. Purkey – but the second line is by yours truly :-)

I Am Dapperman


Here’s an old blog post that I wrote in March, 2006.

I had a job back then. The passion I had back then inspires me when I read it myself.

It was that passion that eventually led me to create Digital Access Pass.

If you still have a job, hope you get inspired at least a wee bit :-).


Post from March 30, 2006

I Am Superman

Remember Daredevil? He is the blind, avenging lawyer who fights the bad guys in the court of law during the day, and bashes them up on the streets at night.

I am kinda like that.

More like Clark Kent, actually – I slog away quietly at my day job during the day. It’s like being in a Kryptonite cubicle.

I come back home at night, and my strength starts to return as my children run into my arms, my 6-pack abs return, my muscles start tightening up, my underwear and my pants interchange positions ;-), and my tee starts splitting at the seams as the night gets older.

And when I finally sit down at my computer after putting my kids to bed, and hit the “Ctrl-M” button (‘check mail’) in my Eudora client, I’m invincible! I’m untouchable, I’m unbeatable! I’m the King of the World!

As the clock hits 1 AM, I suddenly hear the voice of my mother calling me back inside the house on a nice sunny afternoon, asking me to stop playing cricket with my friends, to come back in and do my homework; “Right now”, she says!

Oh, how I hated having to stop playing – only to go inside to do homework! Ugh!

I feel the same way at the thought of having to stop working on my site, on my blog, on my newsletter, on my scripts – only to go back to bed so that I get just enough sleep to get through another day of “work”. Ugh!

Now you know what it feels like when you’ve found your niche – you feel like you’re Superman!

I am Superman. Every single day. 7 PM – 7 AM.

Go on, it’s now your turn to be not just Superman – it’s your turn to be whatever it is that you want to be.

Here’s the original post.


WordPress Pages vs Posts


For creating membership content, where you may be dripping the content over time, content that you may be selling as parts of different “products” or “memberships” (like for eg. content that you want to be available to your Gold and Platinum members, but not Silver members) and for almost all general purposes, create your content as WordPress “Pages”.

On the flip side, if you wish to create a typical “blog”, where people can see a reverse-chronological list of posts from you on one page, if you don’t want to think about organizing the content and want your latest post to just show up prominently on your web site’s front page, or you wish to organize content by various categories, or you wish to syndicate your content via an “RSS Feed”, then for all that, WordPress “Posts” are your best option.

Use “Pages”

  • Creating member pages, courses, modules
  • You will be dripping content now or in the future
  • Content that is going to be part of multiple “products” or “membership levels”
  • Squeeze pages, Sales pages, Landing pages

Use “Posts”

  • If you wish to create a typical “blog” where you want to show a reverse-chronological (latest one first) set of content
  • You don’t want to think too much about organizing the content
  • You want your latest piece of writing to just show up on your front page where everyone can see it the moment you publish it
  • You wish to syndicate content via an “RSS Feed” (your default feed link usually is or )
  • You want to organize content by various categories (see all of the categories here on my blog in the sidebar to your right)
  • You will eventually be publishing hundreds or thousands of pages of content and will need to protect them all using a membership plugin. So you’ll need to protect content by category. So your content needs to be published as “Posts” because only posts can be categorized in WordPress, and not “Pages”.

It’s kind of hard and messy to switch and redo your content at a later point from pages to posts, and vice-versa. So make sure you give it a little bit of thought before choosing either format.

You can also publish your membership content as Pages, and also have a publicly available free “blog”, where you create your public content as Posts.

When In Doubt…

If you’re not sure, or if you don’t wish to even think about which one to pick, then just go with “Pages”.

Create Wicked Cool Marketing Graphics

If you read my earlier post, you already know how awesome I am at creating graphics (not!) :-)

Here’s a software box image I created many years ago (around 2001) for my then-active web site, – later renamed to, because Google banned the original domain when the site got hacked and was injected with malware for a period of time back in 2005 or so. And since I had not been actively maintaining the web site at that time (thanks to my J.O.B), I never even realized that my site had dropped out of the rankings until after a few months, when I noticed a big dip in sales.

Anyway, here’s the terrible CD box cover image that I created myself back in 2001.


Fast-forward many years later, I wanted a more professional image for DAP. So I paid someone about $200 for this software box image.



Then again in 2011, when we were getting ready to launch, since we were planning on launching multiple plugins, I figured $200 – or even $100 – per image was going to be wasteful and expensive. By this time, of course, there were many marketplaces where you could hire designers – like dribbble, odesk and even fiverr.

Still, I managed to overcome good sense, and tried creating this myself during that launch. Took me only about 5 hours!


And then I found the holy grail of “Graphics Tool For Noobs“.

The one below took me less than 10 minutes.

Drag, drop, done.


Box Shot King: Easily the best option even if you are a Photoshop guru, better than using Photoshop macros.

Create Super Cool Buttons

Ok, I have a confession to make.

I suck at creating graphics. Be it any kind – buttons, ecovers, banners, etc.

Here’s one I created at the peak of my graphic-creation prowess.


Makes me want to throw up :-)

The problem with buy buttons, is that you can’t get them easily.

If you go search image sites, you may find some decent buttons – but they will never ever have the words you want. They will not have the colors you want.

If you want to outsource it to an image person, they usually charge you like $50 – $100 per image. And if they’ve never done any marketing online, then their buttons would look something like this:


And that’s absolutely terrible! Feel like throwing up – twice!

I would rather go with my own terrible creation from earlier.


Anyway, if you want a quick way to effortlessly create beautiful buy buttons with your own text, maybe even dollar amounts on them, etc – then I’ve got the most awesome online tool that I discovered just recently.

Here are a couple of buttons I created myself.

Took me all of 1 full minute to create these.





Actually, just the first one took 1 minute. The rest took like 10 seconds each, as all I had to do was change the text.

And this online tool that I used to create these beauties (yup, I have set my bar pretty low) even gives you a permalink – a permanent link to the template – that you can save and go back to each time you wish to create a new button in the future.

And the cool thing is that the permalink stores all of the button’s settings – including font type, color, background colors, gloss type, etc.

You can find a link to my template below. Feel free to modify it, save it, and add yours to the comments section below.

Oh, and feel free to right-click & save-as the above images to your computer and use them as you deem fit.

No charge. It’s free. Enjoy!

Click here for my “Add To Cart” Button Template.

From the awesome