Video LightBox Script

A Lightbox is a piece of JavaScript used to display images and videos in an ‘overlay’.

Basically, a user can click on an image to either have the image – or a video – magnified in a Lightbox window. It is usually accompanied by the use of a dark background, usually a dimming of the page over which the image or video has been overlaid, which helps highlight the image or video being displayed.

For example, click on the image below, and see what happens.

And you can see it in action, on a real, live web site, at the home page of

This Lightbox script is available for free. It is actually open-source, and released under the MIT license – which means you can also use it in commercial projects.

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  1. says

    Thanks Ravi. This looks like it could be a very useful script. The effects in the the example are certainly very cool. Have you used in on a live site though? And links to see it in action in the ‘real’ world.

  2. says

    Thanks Ravi for the information.. what I would really be interested in is a free script that plays a small ad at the bottom of a video.

    In this manner if folks saw what they liked in the video, they could click the link in the ad and go to a sales page.

    I’ve seen these ads on other videos something like “this video sponsored by.. LINK”.

    That would be agreat companion to this script.

  3. says


    I would also be interested in the installation guide – I am not a techy. Is this a problem?

    PS. Ravi – loving your work. Thanks!

  4. ricky says

    Hi friend,

    please can you tell me how to impliment the lightbox video solution in wordpress? Once you have the script what do you do with it?

    Kind regards


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