Welcome to Techiiies.TV

I started Techiiies.tv as a fun project, and I’m pretty confident that YouTube would run out of storage space before I run out of ideas for creating techiiie videos.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re wondering about the weird spelling of Techiiies, it was of course because the name “Techies” (with the single “i”) wasn’t available :-)

And then Seth Godin published a book called “Tribes” and used the name Triiibes.com for its web site.

And I blatantly copied Seth’s idea, that is all :-)

And ended up with Techiiies.com as well as Techiiies.tv

So check out a video that I created for the site.

Or, the truth is, I launched the web site just to showcase videos that I have created 😉

Ravi “GeekDawg” Jayagopal
PS: Also on YouTube at http://YouTube.com/Techiiies

Typing Test: Wow, am I good or what?

[Last updated: April 22, 2013]

Ok, I promise not to brag too much… 😉

Here is a really cool typing test.

I’m averaging a speed of about 104 words per minute (in 3 tries  – proof below :-)

Ravi's Typing Test Results

Ravi's Typing Test Results 2

UPDATE: My latest score as of September 2, 2010

WooHoo! 119.12 words per minute!

UPDATE: My latest score as of April 22, 2013


Have slowed down just a bit… down to 90 words per minute.

Take the test yourself by clicking on the link below, and don’t forget to share your results in the comments below :-)

Typing Test: http://www.typingtest.com/

– Ravi Jayagopal

Low Cost Online e-Faxing: MaxEmail.com

I was recently in the market for an “e” fax solution. I looked at quite a few services. My basic requirements were these:

  • Reliable
  • Low cost (not necessarily free – because I wanted the service to be reliable and accountable)
  • Didn’t need a local area code – anywhere was fine, as I don’t receive too many faxes
  • Offer a free trial – so that I can experience it first-hand
  • Offer a decent number of incoming pages in the package
  • Offer a low-cost pay-as-you-go model for additional use
  • After hunting around the web, looking up various forums and wasting time on made-for-adsense spam and junk-review sites, I stumbled across MaxEmail.com.

    You can get your incoming faxes sent to your email address as a PDF attachment.

    I went through their 1-month free trial, was highly satisfied with the quality of their service, and just now signed up for a whole year at $24/year (their “lite” plan).

    If you are looking for something similar, go check out MaxEmail.com

Can I get my morning breakfast without the “Bacn”?

Bacn” – pronounced as “Bacon” – is spam (kind of), but not really the lewd, disgusting, “killing my inbox” type.

From Jargon Watch at Wired.com:

It’s not really spam. You want to read it (and probably would), you just don’t have the time. Thanks to the folks at PodCamp Pittsburgh, there’s a new web-term you can now use specifically for these types of e-mail notifications. Things like bill-payment receipts, Twitter requests, newsletters, project notifications—all are bacn.

Here’s more if you want more.